Our New Nook

I don’t think many families consider kitchen renovations among their nesting to-do’s.  However, we convinced ourselves before Genevieve comes, among other things, our kitchen needed some sprucing up. A month and a half ago I got to show off the awesome built-in mail organizer my dad made for us. After a few weeks off, he was back!

This idea came about before the ink was dry on the purchase agreement a year and a half ago. When we bought our house, there was a laminate cabinet unit installed in the far corner of the kitchen under a corner shelf and tv stand. The TV stand didn’t last long and the mail organizer by the fridge did away with the need for the shelf.

Kitchen Before (3)

Our kitchen is long and wide. Wider than a galley kitchen, but not wide enough for a full breakfast nook. Our idea was to add some seating with a small table for the girls to be able to sit and color or what-have-you while we are in the kitchen. I’ll come back later with more details about the design and building process. Mostly I just wanted to show off this beautiful, custom kitchen banquet we now have in our kitchen!

002 (2)

It looks so natural in this spot and fills the corner perfectly. A table is still forthcoming. My parents found one at a flea market in Pensacola that needs a little lovin’. After all the work that went into making the banquet, we’re going to live with the table as is for a while. That also gives us time to decide how best to modify it.

Before and After Kitchen Banquet Before and After 2

With custom fitting and design, this was not a quick project. But in the grand scheme of what Pinterest calls DIY, it was simple. And it makes such a difference! To me, this bench makes more sense for the kitchen than the stand alone cabinet. It also significantly adds to the quality, aesthetic and functionality of our house. I know I didn’t build it, but I am so proud of this banquet!

You may also noticed my stenciled frames hung up in all their glory! I’m working on ideas to make those walls a gallery or collage corner. There’s still more deciding to be done on that end, but right now I’m so happy with my bright picture frames and adorable pictures of the kids.

built in kitchen banquet

We’re starting up the third trimester and Reuben and Felicity’s birthdays are drawing closer. After their party, phase two of baby prep begins. With the completion of this project, I’m willing to call Phase 1 done!

Phase One To-Do List:

  • move bookshelves to master bedroom
  • move changing table to Reuben’s room
  • set up children’s library
  • install shelves in hall closet
  • install shelf in Reuben’s closet
  • move chest of drawers to Reuben’s room
  • install cornice board in girls’ room
  • build in kitchen mail organizer 
  • build in kitchen banquet



2 thoughts on “Our New Nook

  1. betty young

    In love the corner in the kitchen and the pictures and frames. Looking at your done list I would say you have got almost all wish list done. You have great ideas and the kitchen looks so pretty. Now will you rest awhile, ha!

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