Watermelon Birthday Party

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This weekend we celebrated Reuben’s first and Felicity’s second birthdays! Felicity’s birthday isn’t until this Saturday, so for the rest of this week we have two one year olds in the house. It makes us feel so tired. However, the party was a lot of fun and I waned to share some of the simple crafts and such I did to match the “theme”

Watermelon “Happy Birthday” Banner

There are quite a few of these available on Etsy, but when I started crunching the numbers, I decided I could easily make my own and it would be significantly cheaper. To make it I used:

  • white poster board
  • lime green poster board
  • red card stock
  • string
  • scotch tape

I intended to buy a red poster board, but apparently they are harder to come by or something, so I used red card stock. If you’re lucky enough to find red poster board, it will work just as well. I wanted to use something sturdier than construction paper.

I knew the overall shape I wanted and made each pendant out of three pieces — one of each color stacked on each other. I started with the red and cut a pie piece. I used it as a templet to cut out the white piece and likewise with the green.

I needed 15 of each piece to spell out Happy Birthday plus have two blank ones to go on either side of “happy”. This was the only tedious part. Once all the pieces were cut out, I began gluing them together. Once each pendant was assembled, I free-handed the lettering. Obviously you can use a stencil or stickers if you don’t trust your handwriting or if you’re more of a perfectionist than I am. For the two extra pendants, I drew on tear drop shaped seeds on the red part.

Banner (7)

I laid out each row face down. Remember to lay them down in a mirror image of the word — for the “happy” banner, lay the pendants down left to right Y-P-P-A-H. I used scotch tape to attach each pendant to the string and voila!

Pictures Mounted on Canvas

I’ve done one of these for each birthday party with the current\birthday picture matching the theme of the party. This time, since it was a double party I had to coordinate the canvases with each other and the decor. To make these I used:

  • 8×10 stretched canvas
  • 8×10 picture
  • 12×12 scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge
  • sponge brush

picture (5)

Start by brushing a thin layer of Mod Podge on the top of the canvas. Center the scrapbook paper and glue down. Work Mod Podge around the edges and back and wrap around the paper all the way around. Once the paper is set you can mount the picture. Again, use a thin layer of Mod Podge on the top and set the picture. Once the picture is in place, brush more Mod Podge over the top of the picture and around the edges. This top coat will add texture to the picture and also hold the picture on better. I use one coat, but you can do multiple coats or use a different finish Mod Podge to attain a thicker texture.

Fruit Kabobs

These are pretty straight forward and just a cute variation on your every day fruit tray. On wooden skewers, I threaded watermelon, three green grapes, pineapple, apple and repeat. I chose watermelon and green grapes to match the colors of the party, then just added whatever else sounded good and could be cut up in kabob size pieces.

Kabobs (3)















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