Ready or Not, Here Comes Baby

So I’ve been writing about our baby preparations — my carefully scheduled order of events that would have the house completely ready to bring Genevieve home by my 38th week of pregnancy. And things were going great, as I’ve posted before. That is until…

Genevieve was born 5 weeks early!

We had some concerns from the very beginning of this pregnancy. Baby and I did great all the way into our third trimester, but by Father’s Day weekend, it seemed Genevieve would be healthier out than in. So we had a baby!

It’s been a hell of a week to be sure, but Genevieve made it through beautifully and is doing wonderfully well. She was born 6 pounds and 18 inches with a full head of hair. Despite being only 35 weeks, her lungs and heart are strong and we were able to bring her home with only one extra day in the hospital. I am still going back and forth to the doctor for follow ups, but I’m glad to be home.

As you can imagine, bringing home a surprise premie baby is very hectic. Nothing was set up for her and we still had a lot of things up in the attic. The only thing I had done was her laundry, but then little-miss-I’m-so-different-than-my-sisters was born too small for the clothes we already had.

My grand plans for having our room streamlined, organized and peaceful for when she came home were thrown out the window. We are functioning now, but the more time I spend in bed recovering, the more projects I have in mind to make our room better. Right now this is our set up.


Not exactly a calming environment for an anxious person like myself. But we’re all here and we all have a space to go at night, so it works. Plus with the unending needs of four small children, it may be a while before things get back to organized around here.

The Carruths are officially a family of 6!



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