Father’s Day Gift

This post is obviously coming well after the fact, but I still wanted to share the Father’s Day gift the kids and I put together for Ryan. I wanted to do something special for Ryan, something thoughtful that included the kids. I had seen this picture frame idea on Pinterest. In each frame, is one of our children, holding the letters to spell DAD, which makes for a very sweet and unique gift. I made it a little more personal, however, by staging each picture and child in some attribute of Ryan’s personality.

007 (3)

DAD Picture Frame:

  • two white poster boards and an art medium if you want to decorate
  • camera / prints
  • triple opening picture frame (preferably landscape orientation)
  • willing participants

First, I made the DAD letters. Honestly, I just free handed them, using a serving tray to get the curve on the D. They by no means have to be perfect, just big. I got three letters out of 2 poster boards.

2014-05-31 15.11.03

Once they were cut out, I let the girls paint and color their letter. For Reuben, who is not yet trustworthy with crayons, I painted his little foot and did footprints all around.

For the pictures, I decided on three personality traits of Ryan and staged each child accordingly. I just had their letters standing up as a part of the picture, rather than having them hold the it just right. This made the picture-taking process go much smoother.



Evangeline, our own little bookworm, took a scholarly picture.


Felicity, always the party animal, set up a drum set and went to town.


Little Huckle-Buddy Reuben, surveyed the homestead for his picture.

I ordered prints and bought the frame from Wal-Mart. That, plus the poster board came to about $10 total for the gift.

Later I got the girls to color on some computer paper I taped together as a banner. Then I added “We <3” and taped the DAD letters underneath. I set it all up late Saturday night to surprise Ryan when he got up Sunday morning for Father’s Day.

005 (3)

This was a fun and easy gift to put together. It gave us the chance to spend some time thinking about Ryan and what he would enjoy. The girls are at such a great age where they like giving gifts, especially gifts they’ve made. I was surprised how co-operative Evangeline was, especially during the picture taking part. Once I told her it was a gift for Daddy (and that it was a secret) she was so excited to help!

I figured this would be my last year to be able to do this gift, unless I want to wait and see if a Carruth baby #5 comes along to be able to spell out DADDY. As is, I’m glad to have done it now. I’m also glad we got to celebrate Ryan for a day. Especially since I went into the hospital the next day in preparation for having Genevieve! At least Ryan got that one day. It’s 2 and a half weeks later and the banner and letters are still up in the kitchen. I guess someone liked their gift 😉

DAD Picture Frame


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