With a Cluck Cluck Here

Well this post started out entirely different. When I started it was about what was left to prepare for Genevieve’s arrival. Since she decided to come 5 weeks early, I had to scratch all of that and start over.

Ahem. Genevieve is not the only new addition to our house (although, she is by far the cutest). About a month ago now, the stars all aligned and we became chicken owners.

Yes, you read that right, chickens.

2014-06-10 14.38.49 (1)

Raising chickens is something we’ve discussed for years. We’ve both been keen to have some laying hens, and it’s been on our “some day list” for a long time. We set a time table for getting our vegetable garden started for next spring and preparing to have chickens in a years time. About two weeks after having this conversation, we became chicken owners. At least we tried to make responsible decisions?

Friends of ours are planning a big out-of-state move and are not able to take their three chickens and coup. So, we adopted them. For us, it was the best possible way to start — flying leap into the deep end. The timing could have been better, but c’est la vie.


We are glad to have the chickens and the kids (after some adjusting time, love them). We have three laying hens and we’re getting 2-3 eggs a day! Right now they are free ranging  (read: pooping) all over our yard until we can expand their coup and run a bit. Ryan’s loving it, however, and is putting them to work scratching and turning our compost. I don’t want to cramp our chickens into too small of a run, but I’d be lying if I said I like the free range situation. If we could litter box train them, I’d be fine to have them scurrying around the yard. As is, I’m ready to get them into a better run.

So there you have it. We cannot go a single month without some sort of excitement. If it’s not babies, it’s chickens. There are still whispers of goats and gardens, but hopefully we can at least get to August without any more big changes 😉


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