One House, Six People

Here we are, three weeks out from expanding to a family of six. It has been an interesting transition so far. I had to quickly and unexpectedly go to the hospital, then I had to stay an unusually long time. The kids stayed with grandparents, which they love. After a while tensions and tempers started to run high, however, as everyone just wanted to be back at home.

Since we’ve all been back home, we’ve tried to resume as much of our regular routine as we can in an attempt to get back to “normal”.  We’re still having to tread gently though around the very big feelings of our toddlers…all three of them. The older kids are now aged 3, 2 and 1 and each one of them has very big and powerful feelings.  Add to that the excitement of bringing home a new baby and we’re in a typhoon of testy temperments.

It is becoming clear that Evangeline is an anxious little person. She’s such a good mother hen, concerned with everyone and everything. This makes her a great big sister and helper. However, it would seem she’s over stressed with so much going on in the house. It feels as though no one can take a step without Evangeline freaking out into full on melt down. We are trying to find ways to help her stay calm and save our sanity.

We feel it’s important with so many people in the house, that each person have some little spot that is just theirs. Their own little corner in their own little chair where they can be whatever they want to be. Right now Evangeline has her bed. During the day when she starts getting overwhelmed, we can send her back to her room with a stack of books to be by herself. The problem is, her bed is soon to become her and Felicity’s bed and we’re running out of free corners. I’ve been turning over the idea of a reading tent like this one from Sawdust and Embryo’s.

click picture for link

I’ve found other tutorials online, but let’s be honest, it’s not going to happen quickly. Hopefully giving Evangeline more space to be by herself, and consequently, separating her from her siblings will help us all get along better. At least until the next crisis comes along.

Do you have a lot of people living in your house? How do you all get along?


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