As Long as Hope Still Has it’s Bit of Green

Last year I posted “I never want to repeat a year like this last one.” At 26, I was optimistic. At 27, I am more realistic. My life is meant to change, yet not change. The more things change the more they stay the same. And, hey, maybe that’s just life.

When I wrote my birthday post last year, I had no way of knowing that in less than 2 months time we would be getting another surprise:

New Baby

And that set in motion another year that felt awfully similar to the year before and the year before. It’s like we got a little do-over but without the traumatic house-buying fiasco. But I suppose it isn’t fair to say things are the same. Things have certainly gotten cuter around here (and louder and smellier and …)

#'s 1,2&3 Baby of the Family Mama and Reuben


And little by little things are getting better. Genevieve has moved in with Reuben so Ryan and I have reclaimed our tranquil bedroom (minus the incessant baby monitor). The chickens have a full run now so our yard (and drive way and carport and patio) aren’t covered with poop). And look! We might get a tropical storm this weekend!

not reuben or genevieve...

Chicken Run

Twenty- six, twenty-seven, what’s the difference? We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again. And, as long as hope still has it’s bit of green, I’ll dare to say this again: I hope we don’t have another year like this last one. Maybe this year will be calm.



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