2015 Reading Goal

I have enjoyed setting reading goals each year. As much as I love reading, having a goal in mind adds a little more fun. In the years past I’ve set increasingly more complicated goals. Number of books, page counts, generes and specific books. It is not bad, but this year I’m trying to simplify. I’ve set my book count list at 35 on Goodreads.com. As for the rest however, I want to sit back and follow my interests and see where I land at the end of the year. I also found this :


At first I was all gung-ho to check off each one. Now that it’s March and I realize there are 50 categories, I’m just keeping a tally of the books I’ve read and which category they fit into. This list has pointed me in the direction of some books I may not have otherwise read, like Presepolis. And I’m glad for that.

I’ve read a random smattering of books so far ranging from Deep Dark Down: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine to Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood and The Story of Return to The Princess Bride: S. Morganstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure, which is fun even the second time. I’ve nearly finished The Pillars of the Earth which I expect to throw me into a Middle-Ages reading binge.

I realize this is disappointingly short, but I am also working on posts of individual books and thoughts. They promise to be more interesting.

2014 Reading Goal Completed

I’m doing my best to stay up on the blogging saddle keeping the interwebs up to date. I know how important that is to the interwebs.

Last year, I concocted a complicated reading goal. Like the year before, my goal was three tiered:

  • 35 Books
  • 11,000 Pages
  • 8 Specific Southern Books

I managed to do some of those. I read 35 books, but came up short on my page count. Instead of all 8 Southern books, I read…3. Since this is about honesty, I’ll admit. Two of the three were audiobooks. I am a fraud.

2014 Books Southern

What’s more, I really didn’t like them. I know I know! Walker Percy! I can’t explain it. I did like the Flannery O’Connor short stories I read including A Good Man Is Hard to Find. Wise Blood, however….not so much with the liking. I still feel the need to improve my Southern repitoire; I think I’ll just tackle it at a slower pace.

I did like a number of the books I read and I even managed to write about some of them: The Colorado Kid by Stephen King, The Salinger Contract by  Adam Langer, Plot it Yourself by Rex Stout and Death Comes to Pemberly by P.D. James, The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith, Mysteries of the Middle Ages by Thomas Cahill and Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

2014 Books

I read all three of the The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo books which was no small undertaking. It was intense and at times quite dull, but over all, I think Lisbeth Salander is among my favorite characters now. I’ve been trying to write out my thoughts on the whole series. I hope to make some cohesive sense out of them soon. I started another series, Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. I’ve been surprised how much I like these books. I’ve read the first three and want to continue. There are obvious religious overtones — Dean Koontz is Catholic from what I understand– and that does come across in the books. But it’s not as though all the characters are black and white. Even Odd Thomas, the title character, considers himself sort of irreligious, unsure what the truth is. It makes him relateable. I’ve found the series so far refreshing.

Since this has already turned into a long, rambly kind of post, I think I’ll save my goals and accomplishments of 2015 for another post. What have you been reading? Find any gems lately?



5 Months??

Apparently it’s been five months since I’ve last blogged. I’m not even sure where to start. Um, Christmas happened? I’ll save all the wordy words and just give you the picture highlights:

October 2010

  • Evangeline turned 4!
  • Genevieve was Baptised
  • We visited lots of Pumpkin Patches
  • Reuben was Tigger for Halloween and Genevieve was Piglet!

November 2014

  • As many Holiday-Related Events as Possible
  • Renassance Festival
  • St. Jude Walk
  • City Park Lights
  • Lots of Baking

December 2014

  • More Events and More Baking!
  • Christmas Parade
  • Genevieve Turned 6 Months Old!

January 2015

  • A Lot of Staying Home Recouperating from the Holidays
  • Amazing New Years with NO KIDS!!

February 2015

  • Crafting Itch Returned!

That more or less catches you up. Not much more than the usual. I’ve set a new reading goal this year. Last year I met my goal of 35 books read. I will come back and write a full recap. This year I’ve only set a book number goal, no page amount or specific titles. Just reading. It’s been nice actually.

We’ve had a bit of a break since the holidays, but our Spring calendar is already filling up. We’ll have our annual St. Joseph’s Altar, Easter, Reuben, Felicity and then Genevieve’s birthdays. Although I feel I’m forgetting a few things. Anyway, I’m climbing back up on the sadle and I hope to keep you all better updated!!