Being a Blogger, Take 7

Let’s cut to the chase. It’s been a long time. I think I’ve blogged this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I haven’t. But it’s the summer. It’s hot. I only have 5 other things I should be doing at any given time. I want to write.


I enjoy writing. I’ve heard writers describe their craft as spiritual, therapeutic, energizing. Bully for them. I just like connecting complete thoughts and having other people read them. And so I blog.

As I am reminded every year at Lent, the most successful changes happen when one makes specific goals. So rather than saying I just want to keep up the blog better, I want to make some tangible steps to achieve just that.


Most of the recent posts I’ve published have been about books. Reading is an enduring passion of mine that I feel will continue. As I take to the keyboard again and attempt to resuscitate this blog, I can assure you that literature and my armchair analysis will remain. You’re welcome.

I want to continue writing about what it actually looks like Being the Carruths. We have four little ones, two advanced degrees, a chicken coup and weekly grocery trips. I want you to know about all of it! Plus we have homeschooling plans on the horizon, so I know you’ll want to stay tuned for those updates.

Finally, I’d like to stretch myself a little and include more posts on topics not related to myself. Since having the babies, I’ve felt my brain become a bit dusty. I’d like to put some brain power to something other than recipes and potty time-tables. We’ll see how well that comes about. I’ve been catching up on my podcasts 😉

So stick around, if nothing else, just to see if I actually stick to this for 30 days or not. I made a schedule and used high lighters so you know I mean business.

Here is a recent cute picture of the kids



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