Farewell Fair-Feathered Friends

It was a soggy, fourth-trimester day in July when the chickens came into our lives. That was just over two years ago. And now, gentle reader, it is time that I share some news that may sadden of you. The chickens who have brought you so much entertainment over the years will be moving on later this week.

And by on I mean the big stew pot in the sky.

2014-06-10 14.38.49 (1)
Here to peck our ways into your heart

They have educated us in so many ways. They have provided unique conversation starters, encroached on our territory and covered our driveway in crap. They have terrified us and they have cultured our children in ways we can’t undo

What they have failed to do, is keep laying eggs.

I see you have clean clothes there. It’d be a shame if someone….shit on them.

We’ve had a surprisingly long run with these chickens. This has been our first real step into homesteading and overall, it’s been a success. We like the addition of chickens to our lifestyle — we eat eggs from them, they eat scraps from us, it works. The kids think the chickens are just the coolest and we like them growing up with this small insight into farm life. We hope  in the future, maybe as early as next spring, to start again with new chickens and a more sturdy coop.

I want to take a moment to scratch out a small space on the internet to honor the time the chickens have been a part of our lives.

Thanks for the memories, chickens.




Chicken Run
(I know insurrection is spelled wrong)
I am the one who knocks

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