So, That Happened

When I posted last, I was a week away from meeting my one month goal of regular blog posting. That was 18 days ago. Normally, I’d say there’s no real excuse besides life, but this time I think I do have a pretty good reason.



We live in Baton Rouge.


Our house took three feet of water and we had to evacuate Saturday August 13 as southeast Louisiana began the flood of a century. We are thankfully not without a place to go; we’ve been bouncing between my parents’ house and a condo we have access to for the next week.  We are knee deep in the insurance and FEMA claim process and hope to be granted temporary housing soon.


We were able to save a lot of our furniture, but we did lose a bit too. Right now we are focused on what we need day to day. It kinda sucks trying to cook real food without my fully stocked kitchen. The kids don’t really know what to do with themselves being outside their normal environment and routine.


Despite hell and high water, homeschooling starts tomorrow. Originally, I planned to start after Labor Day, but I think the structure and work of homeschool will be good for Evangeline. She seems to be the most affected by all of this. Of course our cute homeschool area and the so so cool desk we made for her are gone, but we still have all her books. I’m replacing supplies as we go, but we are going to make a go of it this week.

So this is just a quick update to let you know I haven’t given up and our homeschooling adventure just got more interesting.



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