It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. We have never been busier or have less to show for our efforts.

It’s been a month (again) since I’ve posted, over two months since the flood. I feel like so much has happened but at the same time, there’s not a lot to report. We are still waiting for a FEMA trailer, but we have reason to believe it will really be soon this time.

Thanks to dehumidifiers generously borrowed from friends and family, the house is finally dry!! We’ve spent our time getting paperwork and permits and fixing little things that need to be up to code so that we can pass an inspection to start rebuilding. Hopefully by Thanksgiving week enough ducks will be in a row for us to begin closing up the walls. Finger’s crossed.


I took the kids to the house for the first time. The debris up and down the street had been cleared up and things look considerably more normal. The kids were so excited; they went around the backyard pointing out all the things that were still there. When we went into the house, Evangeline took careful survey then told me, “Mama, I thought the house was going to be a lot scarier than this!” A flood of relief crashed over me. After that, the kids spent over 30 minutes just racing through the house in, around and through all the open walls and repeatedly yelling “ECHO!” because that never gets old.

As soon as we got out of the van, the girls ran straight to the swings. To see the kids effortlessly happy in our own yard where I’ve heard them laugh and giggle so often before made my heart swell. Before I knew it, I was crying.


I had been so nervous about the kids responding badly to seeing the house, I didn’t know I needed to be on guard myself. I want to go home. I want to be back in my house, I want my kids to be back in their own space. I am completely depleted by this whole experience.


We had some great opportunities to get out of the muck and mire of depression though and have some fun.We spent one day in New Orleans, we went to the Fall Festival at the Rural Life Museum and we celebrated Evangeline’s 6th birthday!!

Birthday parties have become quite the event around our house. It was nice to do something “normal” even if we had to tweak our traditions some. We rented a pavilion at the park in my parents’ neighborhood and threw the most awesome dinosaur party that park has ever seen! The food was good and the games were fun, but the best part was getting to see friends and family and just enjoy ourselves!

We’ve done pretty well keeping up with Homeschooling. Most weeks we get 4 solid days of lessons. This week I’ve had more to do for the house, getting ready for Halloween and preparing for Felicity’s tonsillectomy this Friday. Somehow, sit down lessons haven’t been happening as constiantly. C’est la vie. Evangeline got a science text book and illustrated encyclopedia for her birthday, so her thirst for knowledge is still being quenched.

For those who don’t know, Felicity will be having her tonsils out this Friday. For over a year now we’ve been trying to get to the bottom of her sleep apnea. Her ENT believes taking out her very swollen tonsils will make a huge difference. We have a few rough weeks ahead of us, but we think things will be much brighter on the other side.


Besides pediatric surgery, I have a long house to-do list, then Thanksgiving wants to happen too. Don’t be surprised if it’s another month before I sit down to write again. I’ve been reading like a fiend and have so much I want to write about. My brain says “type” but my energy levels say “sleep”. If you think of us, send up a prayer, then consider if you want to babysit 😉






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