Shirley Jackson, Spooky Scary

A second post in one month? A post that doesn’t have to do with how our lives were crushed by flood waters? Heck yeah, get yourself ready for some book talk!

Despite the abnormal circumstances of our lives, I have been able to do a surprising amount of reading. This year I set no specific books to be read and instead have followed my interests. Apparently I have been very interested in being spooked.

Since we’ve been evacuated my reading list has included, but is not limited to: 2 Shirley Jackson’s, 2 Neil Gaiman’s, 2 Dean Koontz’s and 2 books about asylums. I have come to some conclusions.

  1. I really want to finish the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz
  2. Shirley Jackson is my new favorite. I’ve read the short story The Lottery, The Haunting,  We Have Always Lived in the Castle and The Bird’s Nest. On my temporary, evacuee bookshelf is The Sundial and The Lottery and Other Short Stories. At least one of those will most likely be started this evening.
  3. There’s no reason I should have put off reading Neil Gaiman this long. I read The Ocean at the End of the Lane and loved it. I really wish I lived in a world where I could have read it in one sitting. I then listened to him read The Graveyard Book and enjoyed it tremendously! I can’t decide which of his to read next. Suggestions?
An old book shelf my dad built when my sister was a baby — still in use and still painted with balloons

I also just finished like 12 hours ago read Nelly Bly’s Ten Days in a Mad House and I’m enthralled. I want to order Around the World in 72 Days. It’s a great off shoot of what I’ve been reading of Anne Lindburgh and Amelia Earhart!

Hopefully work will ramp up at the house in the coming weeks, maybe that will cut into my reading time. If not I’ve got quite a few titles lined up! What are you reading? Do your reading tastes change with the weather?

Happy Reading!



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