Kitchy Construction Paper Crafts

Without consent, the holiday season is upon us. I’m having a harder time than usual getting in the holiday spirit; the weather is hot, my brain is consumed with the house and we are still living as guests. Invited or not, Thanksgiving is this week and the best I could come up with is kitchy holiday crafts!


In our house, the dining room was entirely blank, we never got around to decorating. While some would be discouraged or anxious to finish the room, for us, it turned into a blank canvas for seasonal decorations. When a wall is bare and needs to be painted anyways, there’s no harm in taping or tacking construction papers to it. This went on for four years. The kids had so much fun thinking of things to add to our craft wall and the rotating decorations were fun for everyone.

Obviously, we have no dining room wall right now. My parents have beautifully decorated and fully painted their house, so no thumbtacks though their walls! However, the bottom of my parents’ benevolence has not yet been reached and they let us hang up some kitchy crafts and decorate for Thanksgiving with mostly construction paper.

Pilgrim Diorama

More than that, they found some sticker crafts to add to the fun. As the kids and I sat down to make decorations today, I uncovered nearly a decades’ worth of laminated construction paper Thanksgiving place mats my sister and I made throughout the early 1990’s. Not only are these crafts kitchy and simple, they are generational!


My parents’ house is looking more and more festive. Maybe construction paper and tape is all holiday spirit is.



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