My Prayer for Evangeline

Evangeline was extra helpful this evening while Ryan was away working on our house; she bathed the baby on top of her regular evening chores. As a thank-you, I let her stay up and extra half hour after the others went to bed, choosing whatever she’d like to do (provided it wasn’t loud). She chose to read her encyclopedia.

She may be a dork, but she’s my dork

As homeschool parents, we have the fear that our children will be weird. By not socializing with other children every day, our kids run the risk of not quite fitting in. Like how you can spot a European in America – there’s just something a little bit different. It is not vanity that hopes our children will be liked but a sincere desire for our children to find happiness in community.

I do not usually have specific prayers for my children, just the general parent wishes – let them be safe, let them be healthy, let them find happiness in truth and please let them grow out of this eternal biting phase. But tonight, I have a specific prayer for Evangeline.

Lord above, please send to my daughter a good friend. Let her find someone who does not mock her dorkdom; let them not only embrace it, but share in it. Give her someone by her side who understands her and does not for a moment give her pause about being her full true self. Do not let her feel that she must hide herself from society, but rather give her the society of a kind, loving and true friend. Send her a like-spirit and bosom companion.

Lord, let her find a best friend like I had. And if that means coloring her hair blue with kool-aid or suffering a “British-phase”, well, ok


One thought on “My Prayer for Evangeline

  1. Grandmaw Effie

    Beautifully spoken – Can you think how much more thoughtful most (old & young) would be if given this line of thinking – this includes my very own – where children were to be seen and not heard – I may be 80 years old – but is heart warming to still be able to learn – May ALL your prayers be answered – God Bless Sweet One

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