Good Bye Trailer, Hello New Start

It is fitting that this post comes at the one year anniversary of the flood. It’s been 12 months months but the effects are still visible. Houses are still empty, families are still evacuated and most infuriating of all, infrastructure issues like clearing drains and maintaining pumps are still not done. There is barely any mention any more about diverting canals or preventive measures that seemed all too important a year ago. We are still living under the band-aid, but it feels like not much has happened to keep this from happening again.

Our family, too, is not quite back to pre-flood status but we are a lot closer. Our house has walls, our mortgage company is eeking out money for our repairs. The biggest milestone is that we have turned in the keys and officially moved out of our FEMA trailer!

New Phototastic Collage 2

FEMA’s paradox, the trailer was a refuge all of our own where we could live out our own psychological torture experiment. But I’ve complained enough about it; now it’s time to move on!  It was good and it’s good that it was.

During the month of July we worked through projects big and small to get our house live-able. My dad built in our bathroom cabinets and closet shelves, my mom painted everything. We installed the counters in the bathrooms and are working to get the sinks all hooked up. We had nailed down the design for our kitchen and painted our surviving upper cabinets. Our kitchen and bathrooms remain our last projects. We still need to have tile walls of our bathrooms replaced, order cabinet doors, build in lower cabinets in the kitchen and put in the floor. The house is functional enough to live in while we finish the rest. As projects and rooms are finished, I’ll share their updates, in the mean time here’s a reminder of where we’ve been this year.



Our time back in the house has been wonderful. The children, as a whole, are happier with all the outlets now available to them to spend their energy. They have two rooms and a yard with swings, trampoline and an inflatable pool. Ryan and I, as a whole, are happier. Our house doesn’t shake with everyone’s steps, there is room enough for everyone to sit at the dinner table at the same time. Jackie, our dog, is back with us and it feels like we are landing on our feet. I’ve given us this month of August to finish preparing and settling in before starting homeschool after Labor Day. Each night as I sink into my own bed in my own room, I let out a contented sigh and affirm that it is good to be home.


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