And We’re Off

The 2017-2018 school year at the Carruth Classical Conservatory has officially begun! We had a very fun weekend celebrating mine and my father’s birthdays then came home Sunday night and pulled out all our books for the first day of homeschooling today.


When I told the girls which subjects we’d be doing; they were both disappointed that we weren’t doing more and whinned that they wanted to do *all* their subjects each day. Let’s see how long that lasts!!

I was delightfully surprised with both Evangeline and Felicity’s phonics skills. Evangeline is doing All About Spelling which begins with an understanding and mastery of all the phonemes — sounds each letter makes. I expected for her to get caught up on all the different sounds the vowels make and just the idea that letters make more than one sound depending on which word they are in. Nope. Out of 26 letters, we need to practice maybe 5 a few more times before she gets them.

Since Felicity hasn’t had a formal phonetic education yet, I started her off with the Pre-K Hooked on Phonics which is an introduction to the letters and the sounds. Yeah…she knows all her letter and their sounds. So I think we’ll be moving on to Kindergarten level very soon.

I asked the girls what subject they liked the best, what they are most excited for in homeschooling and what things do they want to learn this year. I also asked if we could go anywhere, what would they want do. Felicity said she likes handwriting and is most excited to get to do workbooks. She wants to learn how to do a flip and how spiders make webs. If we could do anything, she’d want to go out to lunch with all her cousins, or have a snack at the park. She couldn’t think of an idea that didn’t involve food. Maybe the movies? Only if they could get popcorn.

Evangeline likes grammar best and is most excited to learn how to spell correctly. She wants to learn how to add numbers and get the right answer; she also wants to learn how to dig up dinosaur bones. If we could go anywhere or do anything, she’d want to go to a gardening class where they teach you how to plant plants.

Some of these ideas I’ve already worked into our school plans but I may need to add spiders and paleontology. I’m excited for our year to start and have a lot of fun things planned. It’s the end of day one and I’m soooooo tired. That’s what coffee is for I suppose.