We are embarking on our second full year of homeschooling! Last year Evangeline and I successfully completed Kindergarten; this year she will begin first grade and Felicity will begin Kindergarten.

Last year we followed the Classical curriculum from  Angelicum Academy. This year I am establishing my own curriculum for each of the girls using the Angelicum suggestions as a jumping off point.

Our reasons for choosing homeschooling are laid out in my post, The Decision to Homeschool. This page is to discuss the resources we’ve used and how we like them. I have listed books/materials we’re using as well as books Ryan and I have read which have helped us with our education choices.

Parent Books

The Well Trained Mind by Jesse Wise and Susan Wise-Bauer — Mother and daughter homeschooling veterans give an exhaustive step by step guide to educating your child through a Classical method.

Poetic Knowledge by James S. Taylor — A defense of a traditional mode of thinking based on “first knowledge” rather than scientific methodology. It is an expansion and practical application of the maxim “what is in the mind must first be in the senses.”

The Last Child in the Woods by Ricard Louv — “Description of the human costs of alienation from nature.” An illumination of the lost to children to be separated from nature and the benefits found when a child is given more time outdoors than in.

Top Ten Myths in Education  by Larry E. Frase —  Two life long educators “expose the myths that retard educational improvement and suggest reforms that would cost the taxpayer nothing.”

The Lost Tools of Learning, a speech given by Dorothy Sayers at Oxford in 1947 detailing the need for Classical education and a full definition of the three steps included in the Trivium.


Helpful Resources and Materials: